Materials & Chemicals

The chemical industry is one of the largest verticals in the world, comprising a small number of very large players and myriad companies that are focused on particular specialties. Chemicals are known forms of matter that have properties that consist of constant characteristic properties and chemical compositions. It's impossible to separate chemical substances into components without having the chemical bonds broken. There are various industries that chemicals are a commodity to including life sciences, materials, agricultural, defense, energy, industrial, pharmaceuticals, some product manufacturers and defense.Chemicals are placed in various categories based on their functional and industrial significance, including ceramics, inorganic and organic chemicals, oils, esters, surfactants, acids, oleochemicals, alcohols, solvents, source gases, neutral gases, process gases, petrochemicals, ceramics, polymers, salts, dyes, bases, colorants and dyes. We are able to provide such extensive coverage because we have direct access to a comprehensive database of chemical industry deals and production data that gives us deep insight into all market segments.